Guishard Films is a holistic media company that equips institutions and forward thinkers to harness topical, resonant narratives toward optimizing goals, edifying learners, and calibrating viewers with an eye for equity. Our mission is to serve a spectrum of organizations who are exploring and utilizing storytelling to “level the playing field” as well as ground topical conversations.


“Ghosts II” by Crowander

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What people say

Markus Flynn
Executive Director, Black Men Teach

Tamika was incredible to work with. She created a curriculum from scratch for our organization and was able to incorporate local context from across the country. I would highly recommend working with Tamika. She was responsive, a great communicator, and an all-around pleasure to work with.

Don’t be surprised if you see another recommendation from us in the near future!

Rachel Stack
Chief Product Officer, Great Minds

“Video is a way to help different stakeholders think about their piece of that singular agenda…[Guishard is] the right person to do [pedagogical filmmaking] because [she] thinks like a teacher, [she’s] walked in those shoes.”