Letting Our Light S.H.I.N.E. [Podcast]

I’m always humbled when a person or cause that I admire wants to take time out to document me. I’m just out here trying to hold it down, tell stories that help, and stay grounded…even while the Earth shakes…amidst this epic time that we’ve been thriving through. (The Social Studies teacher in me often wonders […]

Is violence requisite for valor?

I was intentional about omitting images of Miriam Carey’s death day  in “Forget-Me-Not,” our last project and first nonfiction endeavor since graduating from Tisch Graduate Film. Carey was gunned down after being caged in by Capitol Police and uniformed Secret Service officers, and more bullets were fired toward her car with one-year old daughter in […]

A Rock and a Hard Place: An Interview with Val Carey

We sat down with Valarie Carey, retired NYPD sergeant and sister of Miriam Carey who was gunned down by Capitol Police and Secret Service in 2013 to discuss our project, FORGET-ME-NOT. We touched on storytelling as activism, Black women leading the charge, the contrast to how Insurrectionists were handled in D.C., the healing power of […]

Wscripted Unveils Inaugural List of Excellent Screenplays By Women at Cannes (EXCLUSIVE)

Wscripted has unveiled its inaugural Cannes Screenplay List of scripts in the English language to option at Cannes. Wscripted is the first online marketplace for sourcing and curating excellent work written by women and women-identifying writers in film TV, and publishing. Among the screenplays on the list are works by Lucy Powers (“The Road to Hebron”), […]

Breaking Through The Lens participants announced for Cannes Marché

Breaking Through The Lens (BTTL), the year-round programme to promote projects by female and non-binary international filmmakers, has unveiled the 10 finalists in this year’s virtual pitching event at the Marché. They include: Dina Amer’s Cain And Abel (Egypt-France-US) about two French-born Muslims caught on either side of the 2015 Charlie Hedbo attack; Nihaarika Negi’s horror Feral (US) about […]

Tamika Guishard Carves Her Own Space with a New Media Course

Joining a group and hoping to become part of the team is often a nerve-wracking career step. But for Tamika Guishard, it’s one she’s happy to have taken. Guishard, 39, of Queens, New York, joined the Adelphi Communications Department this fall as an adjunct professor of new media. She brings with her a new teaching […]

Developing Reclaiming Black Spaces

In 2017, the Tenement Museum committed to telling broader stories of people who have shaped our city and country. This tour brings Black and African American history into our museum’s stories, and in our work to expand whose stories we tell, we will incorporate research from this project into many of our tours and programs. […]

“Film Schooled”, Andover Magazine, p 21

She’ll wear you out. In a good way. Tamika Guishard is one of those people all energy and good humor and pluck. Take one look at her resume—middle school teacher, park ranger, dancer, writer, director, activist and you’ll see a woman who takes what makes her curious, what makes her dream, and lets it drive […]