Letting Our Light S.H.I.N.E. [Podcast]

I’m always humbled when a person or cause that I admire wants to take time out to document me. I’m just out here trying to hold it down, tell stories that help, and stay grounded…even while the Earth shakes…amidst this epic time that we’ve been thriving through. (The Social Studies teacher in me often wonders […]

Is violence requisite for valor?

I was intentional about omitting images of Miriam Carey’s death day  in “Forget-Me-Not,” our last project and first nonfiction endeavor since graduating from Tisch Graduate Film. Carey was gunned down after being caged in by Capitol Police and uniformed Secret Service officers, and more bullets were fired toward her car with one-year old daughter in […]

A Rock and a Hard Place: An Interview with Val Carey

We sat down with Valarie Carey, retired NYPD sergeant and sister of Miriam Carey who was gunned down by Capitol Police and Secret Service in 2013 to discuss our project, FORGET-ME-NOT. We touched on storytelling as activism, Black women leading the charge, the contrast to how Insurrectionists were handled in D.C., the healing power of […]