“Video is a way to help different stakeholders think about their piece of that singular’re the right person to do [pedagogical filmmaking] because you think like a teacher, you’ve walked in those shoes.”

— Rachel Stack, Chief Academic Officer, Humanities, Great Minds


Miriam Greenberg

Director, Strategic Data Project at Center for Education Policy Research

Tamika Guishard is a tremendous asset to any organization, agency or individual looking to create robust and purposeful pedagogical video resources. Tamika's contribution to our team's efforts to share research findings about technological innovation and ground them in the practical needs and experiences of educators on the ground made her an invaluable partner. Most importantly, she is a pleasure to work with - responsive, amicable and a great thought partner.


Michelle Molitor

Founder, The Equity Lab                                        

That year we were on our 3rd annual Civil Rights Tour of the South with 25 high school students. We decided that this project would be creating documentary short films in small group teams. Tamika helped us think through the project, assisted with our filming needs, helped us brainstorm team concepts, and helped ensure that video and audio hard/software were good to go for post-production. She's great to work with and has a lot of expertise. We would happily hire her again!


Angela Harvey-Bowen

Executive Director, Teach For America, Delaware

Tamika Guishard is one of the most amazing people I’ve met in my life. The mention of her name is synonymous with creativity, passion and a bold conviction about who she is and what she knows her purpose to be. Over the past seven years that I’ve known Tamika, her knack for merging film and education has been intriguing to experience; in her deep awareness of herself she thoughtfully tackles real-world issues of the day in ways that compel the viewer, imploring you to stay tuned for her next projects. I’ve had the express pleasure of getting know Tamika both as a colleague and a friend; in those experiences I’ve only continued to witness the kind of personal growth and development reserved for individuals on sabbatical and pilgrimages for truth. Anything she puts her hands on stands to benefit the masses.

Rebecca Anderson.jpg

Rebecca Anderson

Program Manager, Iridescent Lab (collaborated for Global Language Project)

Tamika met with us at Global Language Project to help us strategize for our upcoming teacher video project we are about to get off the ground. She provided a 360 view of what we needed to consider, from teacher tips to videography advice. Her deep experience in educational filmmaking was evident, and her advice was helpful as we move to take the next steps.

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